Tissue Salts contain minerals vital for cell health and balance. Try Tissue Salt Kali Mur for mucous congestion, colds and sinusitis, this is a glandular tonic.

Kali. Mur is used for the second stages of inflammatory illnesses. Kali. Mur is used for the following conditions second stage of inflammation of all 'itis' illnesses, minor respiratory disorders, coughs, cold symptoms, wheeziness, chestiness, prior to vaccination or immunization to help eliminate undesirable side effects, chickenpox, scarlet fever, mumps, measles, white/grey coating of tongue, catarrh, eczema-especially infantile, warts, acne, constipation ( in liverish states and in pregnancy), diarrhoea due to fatty foods, piles, menorrhagia (but always see your doctor), leucorrhoea, shingles, burns, scalds. With Kali. Mur deficiency state, patients usually find they are worse with fatty foods.


Tissue Salts were developed by a German doctor by the name of Wilhelm Schuessler in the 1800's. His theory was that many ailments were caused by imbalances of certain vital minerals in the cells of the body. A deficiency of this salt causes fibrin to become non functional and to be thrown off in the form of thick, white discharges, giving rise to catarrh and similar symptoms affecting the skin and mucous membranes. Soft glandular swellings call for this remedy: Also chronic rheumatic swellings.


Each tablet contains: Potassium Chloride Ph. Eur 6X, also contains lactose.


Adults 4 tablets. Children 2 tablets. Infants 1 tablet. Tablets to be dissolved on the tongue. Chronic cases 3 doses daily. Acute cases every half hour until relief is obtained thereafter 3 doses daily.


Keep out of reach of Children. If you think you have minor respiratory ailments or your child is suffering from feverish ailments consult a registered medical practitioner before taking this product. If you are already receiving medical treatment, tell your doctor you are also taking this product.