Tissue Salts contain minerals vital for cell health and balance. Try Tissue Salt Silica to assist discharge from pimples, ulcers and styes, assists maintenance of strong hair, nails and skin. 240 tablets.

Silica is used in the following conditions lack of 'grit' (i.e.. Stamina both physical and mental), absent-mindedness, poor memory, foot sweats, sweats generally if of an unpleasant nature, alcoholic intolerance, falling hair, brittle nails, eye strain, asthma from dust, pimples and spots, styes, fissures, boils, chronic bronchitis, coccydynia, alopecia, whitlows, ingrown toe-nails, premature ageing. Patients needing silica are usually worse at night and suffer from feet becoming cold. They are usually helped by a warm atmosphere and hot baths.


Tissue Salts were developed by a German doctor by the name of Wilhelm Schuessler in the 1800's. His theory was that many ailments were caused by imbalances of certain vital minerals in the cells of the body. This salt occurs in the connective tissue, and disturbance of its balance affects the nervous system from its presence in the coverings of nerve fibres. Disturbance of the silica content of the body usually ends in pus formation and Silica helps to promote and push out such pus. Therefore Silica can be thought of as a conditioner and a cleanser. It is also a preventative in premature ageing- a lack of this salt causing premature ageing by atrophy of tissues. In our food silica is found in wholemeal bread and is the 'grit' of our diet.


Each tablet contains 0.5 mcg of the Mineral Tissue Salt Silica in a lactose base.


Adults: Take 4 tablets, Children: Take 2 tablets, Infants take 1 tablet. For acute conditions: Take the appropriate dose every half an hour until symptoms subside. For chronic or maintenance dose, take the appropriate dosage three times daily. Take half an hour before meals. Place under the tongue, chew or dissolve in warm water.


Keep out of reach of Children.